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Hi, my name is Shin-ichiro OYAMA, working at Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research (ISEE), Nagoya University, Japan, as Lecturer.


My research concerns Ionosphere, Thermosphere, and Magnetosphere at high latitudes, in particular, interactions between plasmas and neutral particles. Researching activities include the measurements with optical and radio-wave techniques and analyses of observed data. Education is also one of the important activities at the university.

Research & Publications

One manifestation in the polar atmosphere is aurora, which is an interaction between energetic particles precipitated from the magnetosphere and Earth’s neutral particles. I make observations of aurora with optical and radio-wave techniques. Here presents some recent results and publications.

Recent Activities

I travel around the world for joining observations and conferences. These are very important activities for conducting experiments as designed, finding new ideas from the presentations, progressing collaborations, etc. Here shows recent activities as blog.​

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